GCF Board Meeting 2016


The GCF Board Meeting 2016, Samoa

GCF BM15 Summary & Highlights

The 15th Green Climate Fund Board Meeting (BM15) was held in Apia, Samoa, on 13 to 15 December, 2016. It is the third time that the formal sessions were live webcast (link).

The Co-Chairs of the GCF Board, Ewen McDonald (developed country constituency) and Zaheer Fakir (developing country constituency) thanked the Samoan government for providing the venue and hosting the event.

The GCF Board has approved over USD 1 billion in projects spanning 37 countries in 2016. If all the funding proposal is approved, the amount will reach USD 1.5 billion.

The Board has approved 21 entities and during this meeting, the accredited entities are over 40 in total. About USD 3 million is provided to support the establishment of national adaptation plans (NAPs) for each country/territory.

The Board Members have approved proposals between the 14th and 15th meetings, which can be found here.


There are reports on the activities and consultations outcomes carried out by the Co-chairs, which is available here. Regarding the GCF Secretariat’s activities, including meetings, such as its contributions in Marrakech, can be read here. While the reports from committees, panels, and groups can also be found here.

Appointed Heads of Independent Units

Newly Appointed Independent Redress Mechanism (IRM) and the Independent Integrity Unit (IIU) Work plans. The new heads of IRM and IRU have presented their respective work plans to the Board members and have committed to start their operation – that is receiving and processing complaints related to the GCF activities. The plans were well-received by the Board but with some comments from the active CSO representative.


Accreditation Proposals

One of the most controversial agenda items during this meeting were the accreditation proposals. There was a total of 195 applicants: 41 were accredited – 18 are direct access entities and 7 were up for the Board’s consideration, which were all approved by the Board consequently.

Country/Region Entity Amount (USD million)
Argentina Inter-American Dev. Bank 133
Pacific Islands Asia Development Bank 17
Mauritius UNDP 28.2
Mongolia XacBank 20
Samoa UNDP 57.7
South Africa Dev. Bank of S. Africa 12.2
Uganda UNDP 24.1

GCF Board Approved USD 315 million

The GCF Board Approved USD315 million in Funding. It also approved the seven proposals from entities as a package but with strong concerns from civil society organizations. CSOs noted that the Board failed to make specific decisions on policies related to country ownership guidelines, the work plan for 2017, Simplified Approval Process for small-scale activities (SAP), and the review of the initial proposal approval process (PAP).

Co-Chairs for 2017 (until 2018)

Mr Ayman Shasly (developing country representative – from Saudi Arabia) and Mr Ewen McDonald (developed country constituency – from Australia) are the Co-chairpersons of the GCF Board for 2017-18.

The report from the Interim Trustee on the investments of the GCF stated that none of the funds were invested in fossil fuels.


Secretariat Administrative Budget for 2017

The Secretariat reported on the 2017 administrative budget and work programme of the Secretariat. Some comments relate to the lack of clarity on the budget of the readiness programme, the necessity of the amount of travel by the Secretariat staff and the lack of increase in budget for the area of communication. The Northern CSO active observer proposed that the travel for CSO active observers be supported by the Fund. The administrative budget was approved by the Board while requesting the Secretariat to present the work plan at BM16.

The Board members have decided to adopt the work plans and budgets of the Independent Redress Mechanism (IRM) Unit and the Independent Integrity Unit (IIU) – documents here for IRMU and for IIU here.

Next GCF Board Meeting: 4-6 April, GCF Headquarters, Songdo, South Korea.

Video recordings of BM15 are available here.


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